Studsvik completes sale of its Waste Treatment operations to EDF

In accordance with the agreement made in April, Studsvik today completed the sale of its Waste Treatment operations to EDF. A world-wide, long term cooperation agreement in the fields of decommissioning and waste management has also been signed between Studsvik and EDF.

After the transaction Studsvik has cash funds of more than SEK 350 million. Under the terms of Studsvik’s bond loan totaling SEK 300 million, SEK 100 million will therefore be repaid in advance in connection with the interest payment to be made in November 2016.

Facts about Studsvik
Studsvik offers a range of advanced technical services to the international nuclear power industry in such areas as consultancy services, and fuel and materials technology. The company has over 65 years’ experience of nuclear technology and radiological services. Studsvik has 700 employees in 7 countries and the company’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.

Carnegie acted as financial adviser to Studsvik.