Day 1 #NordicStartupNYC

Carnegie take eight Nordic companies to New York to pitch their businesses to US investors. Follow the trip at #NordicStartupNYC

Read more about the initiative here: Carnegie gives eight Nordic start-ups a stage on Broadway! (Swedish)

On Tuesday, eight entrepreneurs held an open rehearsal at the Nordic Innovation House in New York ahead of Wednesday’s pitch to around 120 US investors. The large number of investors testifies to the great interest in Nordic companies!

During the pitch rehearsal, the entrepreneurs received the following tough feedback from investor network Seed Forum’s founder Steinar Hoel Korsmo:

“How can you wow me? What’s game-changing, disruptive and wowing with your business?”

“The financials, it has to be in dollars, not euros, you are meeting American investors. All financials in US dollars”

“Dumb it down a bit. You kind of lost me.”

“I have a problem with the patent, you’re asking for money but don’t have a patent. I have a problem with that:”

Steinar Hoel Korsmo, founder of investor network Seed Forum gives input at the rehearsal: “New York private investors are not nice people, the will ask tough questions. They are not Nordic, they are New Yorkers.”

Gisle Jonsson from Oiid needs 15 million dollars to conquer the music market.

Stein Ulve, owner and CEO of Finnish-Norwegian eye care company Eevia.

Norwegian company Nornir Real Time Web, which develops tools to build a better internet.

Great media interest

Nordic media has shown great interest in reporting on the trip by the entrepreneurs, says Rickard Buch, Head of Communications at Carnegie, who is with them in New York. Both Swedish newspaper DI and Finnish business paper Kaupptalechti participated in the whole of Tuesday’s open rehearsal. The feeling of stopping the traffic on Lexington Avenue for press photos was also impressive (see picture below).

Carnegie och åtta nordiska entreprenörer stoppar trafiken på Lexington Avenue


Day 2 #NordicStartupNYC


Today is the day! It is time for the entrepreneurs to make live presentations of their businesses to over 120 interested investors.

This afternoon the entrepreneurs will also participate as Carnegie closes the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The event will be live broadcast at and will be an exciting experience to share with the Nordic entrepreneurs.



The entrepreneurs that joined Carnegie in New York:

  • – Norway – the paradigm shift in music integration for consumers – step inside music   
  • – Norway – revolutionary IT system for Education and Licensing     
  • – Norway – The Real Time Web – The next level of the internet of things
  • – Finland – revolutionary bioactive extracts from wild, organic, natural Arctic raw materials
  • – Norway (Georgia)  – your online Pawn shop
  •  – Sweden –  the best international market place for retail offers  
  • – Sweden – next generation laboratory tests of medicine against fibrosis  
  •  – Sweden – the world`s best diving equipment producer