Carnegie joint global co-ordinator and joint bookrunner in the SEK 1.5 billion initial public offering of John Mattson on Nasdaq Stockholm

Summary of the Offering

  • The issue price per share in the Offering was, as previously announced, SEK 90, corresponding to a total value of SEK 3,030 million for the total number of shares outstanding in John Mattson.
  • The Offering consisted in total of 16,675,000 shares offered by AB Borudan Ett (the “Principal Shareholder”), including the overallotment option, which was utilized by the joint global co-ordinators.
  • The value of the Offering, including the overallotment option, amounted to SEK 1,501 million, corresponding to 49.5% of the total number of shares outstanding in the Company.
  • The First AP fund, Länsförsäkringar Fonder, Carnegie Fonder, Prior & Nilsson, Fidelity Management & Research and Tagehus Holding AB (jointly referred to as the “Cornerstone Investors”) acquired shares in the Offering for a total amount of SEK 910 million, corresponding to a total of 30.0% of the total number of shares outstanding in the Company on completion of the Offering.
  • Trading in the John Mattson shares on Nasdaq Stockholm commenced 5 June 2019 under the symbol (ticker) “JOMA” and settlement took place on 10 June 2019.

About John Mattson

John Mattson is Lidingö’s largest residential property owner with some 2,200 rental apartments. As of 31 March 2019, the market value of John Mattson’s property portfolio was slightly more than SEK 6 billion. The property portfolio is located in southern Lidingö in the areas of Larsberg, Käppala, Baggeby and Dalénum. The apartments are of varying size, with different equipment standards and rent levels.

Carnegie acted as joint global co-ordinator and joint bookrunner.