Getting Women on Board

Getting Women on Board is dedicated to enhancing gender diversity within the boards of Nordic companies. This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between skilled female board candidates and key industry figures, including professional board members, nomination committee members, owners, and other pivotal stakeholders. It will achieve this through a series of targeted networking events designed to foster connections and opportunities. Additionally, the program offers a voluntary training course on the duties of board directors. This optional course is designed for those who wish to further their knowledge and skills, providing essential practicalities, know-how, and expertise needed to excel as a board member. By proactively identifying and engaging women with the necessary experience, we are positioned to help our clients strengthen their boards with both expertise and diversity. This strategic approach ensures that boards are not only skilled but also benefit from a broader range of perspectives.

I strongly believe that diverse teams at all levels, are essential for success.

Tony Elofsson, CEO Carnegie

Carnegie’s CEO, Tony Elofsson, comments:
“As the leading investment bank in the Nordics, participating in almost all Nordic IPOs, we have a unique position to drive positive change in board diversity. I strongly believe that diverse teams at all levels, are essential for success. We want to address the important topic of board gender diversity by recognising talented female board candidates and connecting them with nomination committees and owners. The shortage of female board candidates is a major challenge that will take time to remedy, and I genuinely feel that with our leading position, we have both the standing and the responsibility to contribute to a solution.”

If you wish to participate in this initiative or want to nominate someone, please refer to the information below. We are looking for women with relevant operational experience and/or those who are already serving on boards. A nomination committee will assess all nominations and invite those nominees who meet the program’s criteria. The candidates for the program in 2024 are already selected but if you wish to attend another year you are welcome to nominate your candidate or apply. Please note that we will get in contact with the candidate if the nomination committee choses to proceed with the nominated candidate.

Fill in the information you have about your candidate. If you don’t have any contact details, a name and a description of what the person is doing today will suffice, and we can contact the person.

Getting Women On Board Nomination

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