Initial public offering of Camurus AB on Nasdaq Stockholm — SEK 730 million

Camurus AB (publ) (”Camurus” or ”Company”) hereby announces the outcome relating to the offering of newly issued shares and sale of existing shares in the Company (”Offering”) and listing on Nasdaq Stockholm. The Offering attracted strong interest among both Swedish and international investors.

The Offering in brief

  • The final price of the Offering has been set at SEK 57 per share, resulting in a market capitalization of Camurus of SEK 2,125 million.
  • The Offering comprises in total 11,142,554 shares in Camurus, corresponding to 30 percent of the total number of shares in the Company, of which 9,736,842 shares are newly issued and 1,405,712 existing shares are offered by Sandberg Development AB (“Sandberg Development” or the “Principal Shareholder”) which the Principal Shareholder acquired in direct conjunction with the Offering as part of the completion of the Company’s share bonus program.
  • Furthermore, the Principal Shareholder has issued an over-allotment option of up to 1,671,383 existing shares. If the over-allotment option is fully utilised, the Offering will comprise 12,813,937 shares in total, corresponding to a total value of the Offering of SEK 730 million, of which the gross proceed from the new issue amounts to approximately SEK 555 million before deduction of expenses relating to the Offering.
  • Backahill Utveckling AB, Catella Fondförvaltning AB, the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund, Gladiator and Grenspecialisten Förvaltning AB, have undertaken to acquire shares in the Offering corresponding to SEK 240 million in total. Their shareholdings will, in aggregate, amount to approximately 11 percent of the total number of shares in the Company after the Offering.
  • Following completion of the Offering, Sandberg Development will remain the largest shareholder in Camurus and will, assuming that the over-allotment option is exercised in full, hold approximately 54 percent of the total number of shares in the Company.
  • All investors who have applied for acquisition of shares within the Offering to the general public in Sweden have been allocated shares.
  • Trading of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm commences today 3 December 2015 under the ticker “CAMX”.

Carnegie acted as joint global co-ordinator and joint bookrunner.