Lena Österberg and Emelie Friberg, join the Group Management Team

Lena Österberg Head of Sustainability Strategy & Advisory, and Emelie Friberg, Head of Communication & Sustainability, join Carnegie Group Management

Aimed at strengthening the team’s expertise in the areas of ESG and sustainability, Lena Österberg and Emelie Friberg have been appointed to Carnegie Group Management 

“We are reinforcing our group management team with two individuals who will both contribute key skills that will ensure that Carnegie continues to further develop its business and organisation. Sustainability and ESG are a top priority for Carnegie and these appointments are aimed at ensuring that our sustainability programme is strategic from a commercial perspective, but also based on Carnegie’s own operations,” says Carnegie CEO Tony Elofsson.

Head of Sustinability Strategy & Advisory, Lena Österberg, is one of the most highly respected analysts in the market. Through Ms. Österbergs leadership Carnegie has successfully integrated ESG in the research process and in IPO-related efforts. Guided by Österberg, Carnegie’s achievements include establishing the Carnegie Sustainability Award and the Carnegie Nordic ESG Guide that analyses 420 companies from an ESG perspective. As of 4 May, Österberg will take on the role of Head of Sustainability Strategy & Advisory, focused on integrating the ESG perspective in Carnegie’s business strategy. She will also work with Carnegie’s overall sustainability strategy.

Head of Communications & Sustainability Emelie Friberg joined Carnegie in 2020 and has previously worked in leading positions in communications and business development. In addition to heading up group communications and branding stewardship, Ms. Friberg leads Carnegie’s sustainability work from an organisational perspective.

Friberg and Österberg will work together to ensure a distinct sustainability strategy for Carnegie Group.

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