Carnegie acts as lead financial advisor to a consortium led by Paradigm Capital in a mandatory cash offer to the shareholders of Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige Holdings II AB

Aktiebolaget Grundstenen 300029 AB (under name change to Peutinger AB) (the “Bidder”) has exercised call options to acquire shares in IES, which together with other shares and call options owned or otherwise controlled by the Bidder will result in the Bidder’s shareholding in IES amounting to approx. 73% of the total number of shares in the Company, thereby passing the mandatory offer threshold.

About IES

IES is one of the leading free school operators in Sweden with some 28,000 students at 39 schools in Sweden and 4,600 students in seven schools in Spain. In Sweden, IES operates schools for students from the first year of school (grade F) which children start at the age of six, to the third and final year of upper secondary school. Its main focus is grades 4-9, which is internationally often called “middle school”.

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