Datum Titel
28.11.2007 Carnegie retains top position in Prospera ranking
21.11.2007 Statement from the Extraordinary General Meeting
20.11.2007 Proposal from the Nomination Committee in Carnegie
19.11.2007 Change in nomination committee’s Board proposal
15.11.2007 Carnegie submits its appeal against the Financial Supervisory Authority’s decision
30.10.2007 Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ) on Wednesday 21 November 2007
29.10.2007 Proposal on Board of Directors from Carnegie's Nomination Committee
24.10.2007 Interim Report January – September 2007
19.10.2007 Information regarding appeal of the Financial Supervisory Authority’s decision
10.10.2007 Interim report for Q3 will be released on 24 October
3.10.2007 CFO to leave Carnegie
2.10.2007 Carnegie requests to be released from the assignments for the Swedish government
28.9.2007 Statement from the Nomination Committee
28.9.2007 The Swedish Financial Services Authority has this morning announced its decision to issue Carnegie Investment Bank AB a warning.
12.9.2007 Carnegie's Nomination Committee appointed
31.8.2007 Carnegie sells all shares in Capital C AB
27.8.2007 Carnegie and Max Matthiessen move to new offices
23.8.2007 Statement from Extraordinary General Meeting
25.7.2007 New Head of Asset Management and Private Banking
23.7.2007 Notice to an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ) on Thursday 23 August 2007
18.7.2007 Interim report 1 January-30 June 2007
29.6.2007 Invitation to press conference
11.6.2007 Press release
24.5.2007 Investigation for revaluation of trading positions now complete – resulting in a total negative effect of SEK 227 million for Carnegie’s net profit. Carnegie reports the suspects to the police.
14.5.2007 Correction: Issue of new shares in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ)
11.5.2007 Issue of new shares in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ)
8.5.2007 Revaluation of trading positions causes a negative effect on Carnegie’ net profit of SEK 128 million
24.4.2007 Carnegie – January - March 2007
19.4.2007 Invitation to teleconference – Carnegie’s first quarter results
29.3.2007 Carnegie’s Annual General Meeting 2007
20.3.2007 Carnegie completes its acquisition of Max Matthiessen
23.2.2007 Notice - D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ
20.2.2007 Carnegie’s Board of Directors to propose share programme to the AGM
13.2.2007 Carnegie’s Extraordinary General Meeting approved the acquisition of Max Matthiessen
6.2.2007 Proposal for the election of Board members and auditors in D. Carnegie & Co AB
1.2.2007 Net profit 2006 of SEK 1,013 million (SEK 667 million)
26.1.2007 Invitation to teleconference – Carnegie’s year-end results
23.1.2007 Issue of new shares in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ)
12.1.2007 Notice
12.1.2007 Carnegie förvärvar Max Matthiessen
12.1.2007 Carnegie acquires Max Matthiessen
12.1.2007 Carnegie – preliminary results and dividend proposal for the full year 2006
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