Amendment to proposal for election of Board members in D. Carnegie & Co AB

After that the nomination committee published its proposal for election of Board members in D. Carnegie & Co AB (Carnegie) on 2 February, 2006, CEO Karin Forseke has decided to resign from Carnegie and the Board has appointed Stig Vilhelmson her successor. The nomination committee has been informed that Karin Forseke will not be available for re-election. At a meeting today, the nomination committee has decided to propose Stig Vilhelmson as new board member. The nomination committee’s proposal for election of Board members in D. Carnegie & Co AB thus is the following.

The Nomination committee proposes that the Board of Carnegie consists of 8 (9) members. The committee proposes re-election of the following Board Members: Christer Zetterberg, Anders Ljungh, Fields Wicker-Miurin, Hugo Andersen, Niclas Gabrán and Dag Sehlin. The nomination committee proposes election of Kjartan Gunnarsson and Stig Vilhelmson as new Board members. The committee also proposes that Christer Zetterberg is appointed Chairman of the Board of Carnegie.

Stig Vilhelmson, born 1956. Joined Carnegie in 1991 and served in various positions within Securities before his appointment as group head of Securities in 1995. Prior to joining Carnegie, he worked for Swedish family-owned investment bank Öhman Fondkommission AB from 1984 to 1990, during the latter part as head of securities. Member of the board of directors of Orc Software AB. Stig Vilhelmson has a BSc in business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. Number of shares in Carnegie: 305,000. Number of warrants 2004/2007: 25,000.

For further information, please contact Kjartan Gunnarsson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, +354 893 7079, or Birgitta Henriksson, IR, +46 8 5886 86 39.

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