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New fund names at Carnegie Fonder

Carnegie Fonder, formerly HQ Fonder, offers a broad range of funds with a principal emphasis on Swedish equity funds, emerging markets funds and fixed-income funds. These funds have all used the prefix HQ in their name, such as the HQ Strategifond. As a natural consequence of the company's name having already been changed to Carnegie Fonder, we are now changing the names of the funds to instead use Carnegie as the prefix, such as for the Carnegie Strategifond.

Below is a list of the funds that are now changing name. The names of funds that are registered in Luxembourg will be changed soon, once approval is given by the local authorities. 

Funds with new names:

Old names                          New names

HQ Afrikafond                   Carnegie Afrikafond
HQ Emerging Markets       Carnegie Emerging Markets
HQ Indienfond                  Carnegie Indienfond
HQ Kinafond                     Carnegie Kinafond
HQ Likviditetsfond            Carnegie Likviditetsfond 
HQ Middle East                  Carnegie Middle East
HQ Obligationsfond          Carnegie Obligationsfond
HQ Protego                        Carnegie Protego
HQ Rysslandfond               Carnegie Rysslandfond
HQ Strategifond                 Carnegie Strategifond 
HQ Svea Aktiefond            Carnegie Svea Aktiefond
HQ Sverige Select              Carnegie Sverige Select
HQ Sverigefond Carnegie Sverigefond
HQ Tellus                            Carnegie Tellus
HQ Utlandsfond                Carnegie Utlandsfond


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