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Carnegie retains top position in Prospera ranking

Carnegie retains its top position in research institute Prospera’s annual ranking. The results are based on interviews with 61 institutions.

Carnegie is at the top in 13 of 15 sectors within research (strategy, macro, banking & insurance, medical, telecom operators, telecom equipment, IT, retail, automotive, engineering, steel, real estate and small cap) and in the two remaining sectors the largest institutions rank Carnegie second.

- I am pleased to see, once again, that our clients highly value our work. We have a strong team of talented people that has remained intact for a long time, says Christian Wierup, Head of Securities at Carnegie Sweden.

Carnegie has the strongest position among the 25 largest institutions that collectively represent about 86 percent of turnover on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For the smaller interviewed institutions, which collectively represent 14 per cent of turnover on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Carnegie has an overall ranking in third place.

Source: Prospera. The Prospera ranking is based on 61 interviews with Swedish portfolio managers.

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