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Carnegie requests to be released from the assignments for the Swedish government

Carnegie has this evening informed the Minister for Financial Markets Mats Odell and the Unit for government ownership that Carnegie has asked to be released from the assignments to assist the Swedish government in the process of divesting their ownership in OMX and SBAB.

- “In looking out for the best interest of our client, the Swedish government, who is subject to political criticism surrounding the sales process, we have asked to be released from our assignments in an orderly manner. This ensures more calm around the sales process and Carnegie does not need to be at the center of attention which does not benefit the government, Carnegie or other clients”, says CEO Anders Onarheim, in a comment. “Through the work we have already done, we have laid a good foundation for the processes to be completed successfully.”

- “This is very sad for those of our colleagues who have dedicated great resources and time to these assignments and performed their work to the highest standards.”

The financial effect for Carnegie from this is limited.

For further information:
Andreas Koch, Head of Communications and IR, tel: +46 (0)8-676 88 00

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