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Statement from the Nomination Committee

Carnegie’s Nomination Committee, together representing over 10 percent of capital and votes in Carnegie, have declared to the Board that an extraordinary general meeting should be summoned for D. Carnegie & Co AB.

The work that the Nomination Committee commenced a couple of weeks ago is now focused on presenting a proposal for Chairman and Board of Directors at the upcoming extraordinary general meeting.

- The work has already started. External advisors are engaged. Our efforts are now focused on finding a suitable Board of Directors, says Ulf Strömsten Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

In Carnegie’s Nomination Committee are:
Ulf Strömsten, Catella, Chairman of the Nomination Committee
Mats Lagerqvist, Swedbank Robur Fonder
Ossian Ekdahl, Första AP-Fonden
Mikael Nordberg, Danske Capital
Anders Oscarsson, SEB Fonder
Christer Zetterberg, Chairman of the Board in D. Carnegie & Co AB (not participating in this statement)

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