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Carnegie – preliminary results and dividend proposal for the full year 2006

Preliminary net profit 2006 of SEK 999 million (SEK 667 million)

Carnegie today announces its preliminary results for 2006 due to the announcement of the acquisition of Max Matthiessen, presented in a separate press release. The acquisition is to be financed through a share issue of a maximum of 6,071,427 shares in Carnegie, corresponding to a transaction value of SEK 856 million based on the share price as of 10 January 2007. The full year-end report for Carnegie 2006 will be presented 1 February.

Carnegie’s preliminary net profit for 2006 was SEK 999 million (SEK 667 million), an increase of 50%. The net profit generated in the fourth quarter was SEK 279 million (SEK 267 million). Earnings per share for 2006 were SEK 14.46 (SEK 9.98), fully diluted SEK 14.34 (SEK 9.80).

Dividend proposal - Carnegie’s Board of Directors will propose a dividend of SEK SEK 10.50 per share, corresponding to a total dividend amount of SEK 815 million, based on the total number of shares outstanding of 77,573,027, including new shares issued to Max Matthiessen’s shareholders and assuming full utilisation of Carnegie’s warrant programme.

Total income for 2006 increased by 27% to SEK 4,475 million (SEK 3,514 million). Income in the fourth quarter was SEK 1,219 million (SEK 1,213 million).

Total expenses before profit-share for 2006 were SEK 1,659 million (SEK 1,674 million), a decrease of 1% from last year.

Capital structure – Carnegie’s current business volume, including the proposed acquisition of Max Matthiessen, is estimated to require a risk capital corresponding to a regulatory capital base of approx. SEK 1.9 billion. The acquisition of Max Matthiessen will slightly decrease the capital adequacy ratio in the coming years. Assuming the proposed dividend of SEK 815 million, retained earnings for 2006 would be around SEK 185 million1. The capital adequacy ratio according to Basel II at 31 December 2006 is expected to be well above 12%, the minimum level decided by the Board.

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