Research team

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Chr. Frederik Lunde

Head of Research
Tel: +47 22009379

Frederik started at Carnegie in 2006. Before that he worked as an analyst at Corporate Advice & Research. He holds an MSc from the Norwegian School of Management (BI), specialising in finance.


Oddvar Bjørgan

Analyst, Oil
Tel: +47 22009356

Oddvar joined Carnegie in 2017.




Hans Rettedal Christiansen

Analyst, TMT
Tel: +4722009321 

Hans joined Carnegie in 2015. He holds an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.


Trygve Dommersnes

Junior Analyst
Tel: +47 22009374

Trygve joined Carnegie in 2017. He is working towards his MSc in finance at the Norwegian School of Management (BI).



Marius Furuly

 Analyst, Shipping
Tel: +47 22009337 

Marius joined Carnegie in 2014. He has previously worked with Nordea and DFDS. He holds a BBA degree with a specialisation in finance from the Norwegian Business School (BI).


Mathias Mjelde Grimsrud

Junior Analyst
Tel: +47 22009425

Mathias joined Carnegie in 2018. He holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Saint Michaels College Vermont.



Lauritz Georg Karvel

Analyst, Oilservice
Tel: +47 22009351 

Lauritz joined Carnegie in 2016. He holds a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.


Christopher Møllerløkken

Analyst, Oilservices
Tel: +47 22009355

 Christopher Møllerløkken joined Carnegie in 2017. He has covered oilservices in various positions since 1999, and since 2007 as sell-side analyst at SpareBank 1 Markets and Arctic Securities. Christopher attended the four year program in economics and business administration at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).




Morten Normann

Analyst, Materials
Tel: +47 22009358 

Morten joined Carnegie in 2016. He has +25 years as sell side analyst at different broker houses, including a 10 year period in Nordea. He holds an MBA in Finance from NHH and has a Certificate in Financial Analysis (AFA).


Mikkel Nyholt

Analyst, Seafood, Industrials, Construction & Infrastructure
Tel: +47 22009354

Mikkel joined Carnegie in 2013. He holds a MSc in Finance & Investment from the University of Edinburgh.


Preben Rasch-Olsen

Analyst, Consumer Goods & Cruise
Tel: +47 22009359

Preben started at Carnegie in 2005. He previously worked in Handelsbanken as an analyst. He holds an MSc from the Norwegian School of Management (BI) and has a Certificate in Financial Analysis (AFA).


Saskia Josephine Sterud

Junior Analyst
Tel: +47 22009429

Saskia joined Carnegie in 2017. She holds a BSc, Summa Cum Laude, in finance from St. John's University New York.



Johan Strõm

Analyst, Financials
Tel: +47 22009352

Johan started at Carnegie in 2010. He holds a degree in Financial Economics from the Norwegian School of Management.

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