Carnegie offers varying and stimulating work assignments in a dynamic environment in which high quality is prioritised. It is our conviction that a team spirit and working together leads to better results than the sum of individual efforts and enables us to take advantage of each other’s strengths and experience. Inspiring team work is also the best breeding ground for developing new ideas. All of this enables us to provide the best possible service and the highest possible quality in our offer to clients.

Carnegie is a knowledge company in its purest form, and it is only when we fully leverage our employees’ talent and knowledge that we are able to perform at the high level that our clients expect. Our culture is characterised by driven and goal-oriented employees with an entrepreneurial spirit and a business focus. An important driving force is the ability to influence results through your own efforts.

Our business requires an open atmosphere that encourages mutual respect and honesty. It is our joint responsibility to gain the confidence of our clients and society.

Working at Carnegie places high demands on the individual but also offers favourable development opportunities.

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