Do what is best for your wealth

Wealth Management

When you are wealthy, you are in a position to be selective about those whom you entrust your money. Carnegie Wealth Management is an exclusive option for private wealth individuals who want professional and high-level advice on investments. Working with Carnegie Wealth Management your most important advantages will be:

Our freedom - your benefit 
Carnegie is not part of a financial institution which need to recommend you our own products. We have the freedom to focus exclusively on your investments and what is best for you and your assets.

Co-operate with the world's leading fund managers
Our freedom to cooperate with the world's leading fund managers provides the ultimate growth conditions for your assets.


We listen and customize the best solution for you and your family  
You will get a financial partner, who really listens to you. Our focus is always you, your family and your wealth. We can advise on investment or manage your wealth, which ever you prefer.

Advisor to the largest Nordic companies and investors all over the world 
Carnegie is one of the largest and most experienced investment advisors in the Nordic region. Worldwide professional investors have also chosen to work with Carnegie.


A leading Nordic investment bank - the best for your assets 
Carnegie is considered to be the leading, Nordic investment bank, and we attract the best specialists in the financial sector. In other words: Your assets are in the best hands.

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