Secondary placing in TDC

Carnegie placed shares in TDC

Carnegie acted as Co-lead manager in the DKK 10.7 billion secondary placing in TDC. Majority shareholders NTC and NTC Holding sold 210 million shares representing approx. 25.8% of the share capital (exclusive of treasury shares).

TDC is listed at NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen and is the leading provider of communications solutions and pay-TV with market leadership across all segments in the domestic market. In the other Nordic countries, TDC has established a strong position as the main challenger in the business market. TDC is pursuing a multi-brand strategy with a brand portfolio consisting of TDC, Yousee, Fullrate, Telmore, Netdesign, TDC Hosting and Dansk Kabel TV, and generated revenues of DKK 26.3 billion in 2011.  

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