Initial public offering of STG

Carnegie Co-lead manager in the Initial Public Offering of Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Carnegie acted as Co-lead manager in the initial public offering of Scandinavian Tobacco Group ("STG") on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen. STG is a world leading producer of cigars and traditional pipe tobacco. The Group also produces fine-cut tobacco and sells tobacco-related accessories.

The Group produces and sells 3 billion cigars and 5,000 tonnes of pipe and fine-cut tobacco annually with a diversified portfolio of more than 200 brands. STG holds market-leading positions in the machine-made cigar market in Europe, the handmade cigar market in the US, the online and catalogue retail sales of cigars in the US, the traditional pipetobacco market globally and in selected fine-cut tobacco markets.

As at 31 December 2015, the Group employed approx. 8,100 people in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US.

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