Sale of minority stakes in Lomax to A/S Motortramp

Carnegie acted as sole financial adviser to the owners of Lomax in the sale of minority stakes to A/S Motortramp

The transaction involved the sale of secondary shares for a combined minority stake of approximately 40% in Lomax, which provides for the consolidation of the ownership structure in the company. The majority owners Peter Korsholm and Morten Strømsted will continue as majority shareholders alongside A/S Motortramp and management members. In parallel with the transaction, Lomax completed a refinancing.

In connection with the transaction, the strategic direction of Lomax for the coming years was laid. A/S Motortramp appreciates the many ongoing strategic initiatives in Lomax with focus on a strong B2B e-commerce platform as well as ambitions for a Swedish expansion.

Lomax is a B2B online-driven provider of office supplies, furniture, office technology products, warehouse equipment, and household items with an assortment of approximately 30,000 products mainly targeting the SME business segment. The company is the leading online office supplier in Denmark and services more than 50,000 business customers each year and has demonstrated strong ability to grow continuously with revenues reaching DKK 523 million in 2018.

A/S Motortramp is a foundation- and family-owned company, which since 1925 has operated within shipping activities, trade and investments.

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