Strategic financial adviser to TDC Group

Carnegie acted as strategic financial adviser to TDC Group in the establishment of a joint venture with Entreprenørfirmaet Nordkysten

TDC NetCo and the contractor Entreprenørfirmaet Nordkysten have formed a joint venture (“Fiberkysten”) which will contribute to TDC’s ambitious plans for rolling-out the fiber network in Denmark.

The new joint venture will begin operations and deploy fiber after the summer holiday 2019.

We are progressing well on our fiber roll-out strategy and we expect to increase the activity further over the next years. In order for this to be possible, it is crucial that we have the necessary capacity and the right partners to get the cables in the ground and complete the installations at the customers’ premises. The formation of Fiberkysten is a very important step to succeed”, says Henrik Leu Christiansen, Head of fiber roll-out at TDC NetCo.

TDC NetCo owns 60% of the new company, which will focus on fiber projects in the Zealand-area.

Entreprenørfirmaet Nordkysten will provide machinery and crew for the excavation work in connection with the fiber roll-outs, while TDC will provide technicians who will perform the technical part of the fiber network.

It is a pleasure to work with TDC again, especially in this exciting and important project as Fiberkysten. TDC and Nordkysten collaborated on the expansion of the copper network in the Copenhagen area during four decades, and we are very pleased to make our contribution to the establishment of the latest generation of digital infrastructure in the form of the fiber network”, says Frank Schou Kruse, CEO of Nordkysten.

Carnegie acted as strategic financial adviser to TDC Group in forming the joint venture with Entreprenørfirmaet Nordkysten.

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