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Kjell & Company

Carnegie adviser to FSN Capital in the acquisition of Kjell & Company

Carnegie was sole financial adviser to FSN Capital in the acquisition of Kjell & Company, a leading Swedish retailer of accessories of consumer electronics.

Kjell & Company, headquartered in Malmö and founded in 1990, operates a network of 74 retail stores and online sales in Sweden and employs about 650 people. Since its inception, annual growth has been on average 49 per cent per annum. In 2013, the Company grew by 14 per cent with revenues of SEK 931 million and EBITDA of SEK 100 million. An opportunity for continued growth in Sweden, combined with the potential for international expansion, makes Kjell & Company an attractive investment opportunity for FSN Capital.

FSN Capital IV acquired Kjell & Company from ICA Gruppen and the Founders, the Dahnelius Family, for an undisclosed amount. FSN Capital IV is in control of a majority stake of the Company, whilst the Dahnelius Family remains as a significant owner.

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