Mickel Bogh, DK

Rector, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen 

Mikkel Bogh was born in Copenhagen in 1963. He is an art historian and art critic. In 1995–2000, he was associated with the Department of Literature and the Department of Art and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University. In 2000, he became a lecturer in modern culture and was made head of department in 2003. In 2005, he became the rector of the Schools of Visual Art at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. In his articles and books he writes about art theory and European and American art from the 17th century until today. His most recent publications are the anthology Europas andre, Frygten for de fremmende i europeisk kultur (2005) and Per Bak Jensen: The Unseen Image (2006) and he edited Images of Culture. Art History as Cultural History, with A. Ring Petersen, P. Nørgaard Larsen and H. Dam Christensen (2007), as well as Anthro/Socio: Towards an Anthropological Paradigm in Histories, Theories (2011) and Practices of Art and Contemporary Painting in Context (2010), both with A. Ring Petersen, P. Nørgaard Larsen and H. Dam Christensen.

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