Ann-Sofi Noring, SE

Co- Director, Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Since autumn 2010 Ann-Sofi Noring is the Co-Director for Moderna Museet, Stockholm. She has been connected with the museum since 2001, most recently as Deputy Director & Chief Curator and has been curating a number of major exhibitions such as Ed Ruscha, Karin Mamma Andersson, Jan Svennungsson, Andrea Zittel, Carlos Capelán and Adrian Paci. 

Between 1991 and 2001 she was the head of information at the National Public Art Council and editor for its publications such as ”Konsten i Högskolan Gävle/Sandviken” (Ulf Rollof, Mikael Lundberg, Bianca Maria Barmen), ”Minnesvården över Estonia” (Miroslaw Balka), and ”Sila mygg och svälja kameler” (Eva Löfdahl). She was also responsible for its programme of exhibitions and seminars aiming at bringing contemporary art into public spaces.

During the years 1986 -1991 she was a curator at the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions which resulted in exhibitions with Dan Wolgers, Rita Lundqvist, Cecilia Edefalk, and Lars Andersson, as well as a number of thematic exhibitions. 

1980 – 1986 Ann-Sofi Noring was in charge of culture and art in the municipality of Solna and was responsible for Solnagalleriet and the museum Olle Olsson House Hagalund, and was instrumental in turning the latter into a place also for contemporary art. Ann-Sofi Noring studied at Uppsala University 1976-1980 and graduated with a BA in literature and art history.

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