Ditte Ejlerskov, DK

Taking figurative painting as her starting point, Ditte Ejlerskov explores its potential as a tool for interpreting reality. Her frequently traditional subjects – still-lifes, landscapes and portraits – are gleaned from visual sources ranging from art history to YouTube. Although she frequently revisits the same themes, she tries a different approach each time, varying her style and expression depending on the mood encompassed by each respective technique. While challenging the medium of painting as such, and well aware of the weight of the tradition, she uses its full potential in her unsentimental portrayals of objects, moods and concepts. Ejlerskov’s works always consist of several pictures that are installed together, and she uses the social, psychological and political interplay between the canvases to build situations and let a narrative evolve. This exhibition presents examples of her multifaceted paintings and a more sculptural work titled Unbreak my Heart, Say You’ll Love Me Again, a form of archive, or encyclopaedic work, incorporating texts, paintings and diagrams, to describe the thought processes behind the artist’s work..

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