The Book

The Carnegie Art Award 2014 will be published in conjunction with the inauguartion of the exhibition tour at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, in November 2013.

In the 2010 edition you will find Mikkel Bogh's “Report from a member of the jury”, curator Ulrika Levén's reflections on the exhibition and  “The paint wont dry”, Iwona Blazwick’s inspiring essay about contemporary painting. The book is richly illustrated and all participating artists are introduced. Icelandic writer Þröstur Helgason has interviewed the three award winners, Kristjàn Guðmundsson (IS), Kristina Jansson (SE), Felix Gmelin (SE) and the recipient of the scholarship, Marie Søndergaard Lolk (DK). With biographies, bibliographies and an Artists Index. Portraits of Artists filmed and interviewed in their homes or studios included on a DVD in the editions of 2006-2010.

"A succession of movements dominated the 20th century; but there are no longer any orthodoxies. Rather, there is an exhilarating sense of freedom that characterises contemporary practice. It roams around a wide arena which can equally embrace the phenomenological experience of the abstract and the literal; and the commemorative, psychic and semiotic potential of the pictorial."

Iwona Blazwick in her essay "The paint won't dry" from the catalogue The Carnegie Art Award 2010.

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