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Launch of Carnegie Småbolagsfond

FastPartner, HiQ and Intrum Justitia. These are three of the most attractive small caps on the Stockholm stock exchange, according to Carnegie Fonder’s manager Viktor Henriksson. Today we are launching a new fund, the Carnegie Småbolagsfond.

“Just like our other equity funds, the Carnegie Småbolagsfond invests in value companies, which means companies with strong balance sheets and good dividend forecasts. We know this pays off in the long run,” says Hans Hedström, president of Carnegie Fonder.

Carnegie Fonder already manages two funds with a focus on Swedish equities: The Carnegie Sverigefond, which invests mainly in larger Swedish listed companies; and the Carnegie Strategifond, which invests in larger listed companies and fixed-income instruments. Since its inception in 1987, the Carnegie Sverigefond fund has increased in value by 1,967 percent, while the Carnegie Strategifond fund has increased in value by 2,687 percent since its inception in 1988 (January 31, 2012).

“There are around 200 small companies on the Stockholm stock exchange, but far from all these are worth investing in. Just like our other funds, the Carnegie Småbolagsfond is focused, with approximately 25 holdings that we really believe in,” says Viktor Henriksson, head fund manager for the Carnegie Småbolagsfond, and continues,

“Three highly desirable value companies are FastPartner, HiQ and Intrum Justitia. The real estate company FastPartner has good cash flows, a fine portfolio of properties and a very attractive dividend yield. HiQ is a top-class IT services company that has historically proven to be less cyclical than its competitors. Credit management services company Intrum Justitia is in a dream position since banks have to shrink their balance sheets, which means that they often have to sell their debt portfolios at prices that are favourable to Intrum Justitia.”

Viktor Henriksson is 39 and has a degree in economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. He has worked in the finance industry for 14 years, and has been with Carnegie Fonder since 2005. Viktor manages the Carnegie Småbolagsfond together with Simon Blecher and John Strömgren.

For further information, please contact:

Viktor Henriksson, head fund manager Carnegie Småbolagsfond,, +46 734 179 345

Hans Hedström, president Carnegie Fonder,, 46 734 179 370

Carnegie Fonder specialises in Swedish equities, Nordic fixed-income instruments and selected emerging markets. Our funds invest in a limited number of attractively valued assets that we really believe in – an investment philosophy we call focused value management and that we have maintained right from the start in 1988.

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