Our advisory

Advisory is what unites Carnegie's various business areas. Our knowledge about Nordic companies, their markets and business environments guides private individuals, companies and institutions in the Nordic market. All have different needs and challenges and all are seeking growth.

Focus on advisory

Carnegie’s business is based on professional advisory to companies, institutions and private individuals linked to the Nordic market. Deep knowledge of companies and enterprise in the Nordic countries is the foundation of our advisory.

Our offering revolves around three main areas, Investment Banking, Securities and Private Banking, which together offer corporate advisory, brokerage, research capacity and wealth management. All operations are currently the market leaders in their respective areas.

The common denominator of all three is that advisory is aimed at bringing investors and investment opportunities together. Connecting companies, entrepreneurs and business ideas with capital that comes from both institutions and private individuals. We work in both the listed and unlisted markets, and advisory spans a broad spectrum from stock market investments by private individuals to initial public offerings of companies or complex business acquisitions.