Influence proceeds from market role

Carnegie’s main role is to bring capital and investment opportunitiestogether. In so doing, we facilitate sustainable financialdevelopment for individuals, companies, institutions, the capitalmarket and society in general.

Access to capital is a prerequisite for economic growth. That applies to society as a whole, the company about to go public and entrepreneurs on the start of their growth journey. It is the return-seeking investor’s capital that makes this growth possible. Investment opportunities and capital thus need a place to meet. That is why capital markets exist. And that is why Carnegie exists.

A meeting place for buyers and sellers

Carnegie connects capital, people and ideasso that innovative products and services can generate value. For individuals, companies, institutions and society overall. With a central function in the capital market, Carnegie provides a meeting place for buyers and sellers, for companies seeking capital and for private and institutiona linvestors seeking interesting investment opportunities in the Nordics.

Sustainable capital market

We intend to leverage this position to continue generating value. For our clients andfor an efficient and sustainable capital market. And for a sustainable society. Everyone must assume responsibility for achieving the necessary transition and for reaching the global development targets.

The financial services industry plays akey role in this regard. It involves securing effective capital allocation and bringing technology, sustainable products and capital together. It also involves being an expert advisor, assisting in difficult-to-navigate issues associated with sustainable transition.

Responsibility in advisory services

We believe our responsibility proceeds from our core business and our ability to make a difference. In other words, it is all about the advice we give. We consider financial, environmental and social aspects from both the risk and value-generating perspectives. We do this within the framework of our established business and due diligence processes. Through its knowledge about companies and enterprise in the Nordics, Carnegie guides investors and funnels capital to investment where the growth is, in projects that are building a stronger society.

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