Sustainable companies and capital markets

Through our knowledge about companies and enterprise in the Nordics, Carnegie guides investors and funnels capital to investments where the growth is, to projects that are building a stronger society. In this way, Carnegie is facilitating sustainable financial development for private individuals, companies, institutions, the capital market and society in general. 

Access to capital is a prerequisite for economic growth. That applies to companies preparing for expansion, entrepreneurs at the beginning of their growth journeys and society as a whole. This growth is powered by investor capital. Bringing capital and investment opportunities together is Carnegie’s main role. 

Carnegie intends to leverage our key position on the Nordic market, to continue generating value. For clients, for an effective and sustainable capital market and for a sustainable society. This also involves being an expert adviser, assisting in difficult-to-navigate issues associated with a sustainable transition. And making sure clients have sound and sustainable finances.

We have a unique position in Nordic capital markets and play a key role in capital allocation, for companies, entrepreneurs and institutions. We take that role seriously and regognize our own responsibility in contributing to capital allocation that generates growth in society  - Björn Jansson, CEO Carnegie

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