Long-term commitment to social enterprise

Carnegie has been donating to social enterpreneurs all over the world for fifteen years through the Social Initiative organisation. The support is given to social enterpreneurs aiming to effect positive change in the community by improving living conditions for children and young people.

Uganda Rural Development and Training Centre (URDT)

URDT educates girls, who then inspire and teach their families and other villagers to change their own lives. In so doing, life has become significantly better for poor families in rural western Uganda All pupils of the URDT Girls School go on to secondary school, compared to 60 percent nationally.

Carnegie’s support and the work of Social Initiative have also had profound social impact in other parts of the world. At the Door Step School in Mumbai, India, the proportion of children able to read increased from 35 percent on average to 85 percent – in a single school year. Carnegie’s support made it possible to set up the first computer centre in the very heart of the slum.

Carnegie employees are personally committed as well. One out of three employees contributes to the projects every month, with donations deducted from their salary. More than half participate regularly in fund-raising campaigns. Employee donations make up half the amount Carnegie gives each year. Various types of activities and campaigns are regularly arranged jointly with Social Initiative to maintain commitment.

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