Entrepreneur of the future

For the fifth year, Carnegie and Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) arranged the Entrepreneurs of the Future competition, an initiative that offers a meeting place for capital and brillian ideas. In addition to the honour and the investor contacts, the winner receives a knowledge package including advice from Carnegie.

The 2018 winner was e-health company MediTuner. The company has developed AsthmaTuner, an app that makes it possible for asthma patients and their parents to measure the severity of the condition with self-tests of lung capacity and recording of various symptoms to get recommendations of the most appropriate medication and dosage to help the patient feel well. The app can also be linked to the healthcare system to improve the doctor’s follow-up and basis for treatment decisions.

Innovative, sustainable and a good investment was the verdict of the jury and a room full of investors. They all agreed that the business idea can be scaled up and taken international.

“More than anything, it is amazing to see an idea that took shape in my head over four years be put into practise, to see that it can actually help patients feel better,” says Henrik Ljungberg, pulmonologist and co-founder of the company

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