Private Banking

Within Carnegie Private Banking both specialists and generalists are working. Our advisors and brokers are responsible for our customers satisfaction in receiving the products and the service that they need. To achieve the best results, they are supported by client assistants and specialists within the business area.   

Private Banking offers overall wealth management for private individuals, institutions and smaller companies.

Our advisors have an overall responsibility for satisfying the customers need according to agreement. They are giving advise in all kinds of assets and offer discretionary and active management. 

For active share customers, the brokers are the central point of contact. They keep close contact with the customers and take advantage of Carngies full research department when doing business. 

Within Private Banking we have a legal division working with tax and civil law, helping our customers with company structures, tax declarations and wills. Our insurance experts work with customers pension savings.

Investment Strategy works with macro economic research and investment strategies. The department closely follows happenings and trends that are effecting the markets and make conclussions for our clients.  

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