Investment Banking

Carnegie’s strong market position within Investment banking and business flows mean that you will quickly gain experience.

What do we work with?

Within Mergers & Acquisitions and Equity Capital Markets, work is conducted in transaction teams that normally consist of an account manager, a project manager and one or more analysts.

  • The account manager has overall responsibility for all contacts with the client and the transaction in question. Work assignments include contacts with existing clients and identification and pursuit of new clients.
  • The project manager’s task is to lead the transaction team’s work and coordinate contacts with the client, potential investors or counterparties in the transaction and other advisors.
  • Work assignments for analysts include analysis of companies and industries, company valuations and preparation of presentation materials, prospectuses and other documentation. In the early stages, this work includes contacts with clients, other advisors and potential investors.

Operations within Structured Finance are conducted in groups with a composition matched to each specific situation. The main areas of responsibility are:

  • conducting an active dialogue with investors regarding their portfolios and proposals for new portfolios
  • analysing and designing various types of investment opportunities with consideration taken to risk and return
  • organising loan financing and protecting borrowers against the financial risks thus arising
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