Talent attracts talent

Committed and competent employees are critical to maintaining high trust among our clients. As an attractive employer, Carnegie must therefore be able to support employee development and attract people who are motivated by high ambitions and a knowledge-oriented work environment.

The personal commitment of our employees is the foundation of Carnegie’s success. The capacity to attract and develop committed, skilled employees is critically important to remaining the market leader in the Nordics.

Talent attracts talent. Carnegie’s employees are considered among the best in the Nordics, as shown by the many awards Carnegie receive each year. The unmistakable knowledge environment attracts new employees with high ambitions and young talents who want to work with some of the brightest stars in the industry. Our guiding values – client focus, competence and commitment - summarizes the business principles that shape the company culture. Carnegie aims to offer a work environment that inspires employees to live up to these principles so that they will, in extension, also be able to deliver the best advice, research and level of service to our clients.

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