Datum Titel
28-11-2007 Carnegie retains top position in Prospera ranking
21-11-2007 Statement from the Extraordinary General Meeting
20-11-2007 Proposal from the Nomination Committee in Carnegie
19-11-2007 Change in nomination committee’s Board proposal
15-11-2007 Carnegie submits its appeal against the Financial Supervisory Authority’s decision
30-10-2007 Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ) on Wednesday 21 November 2007
29-10-2007 Proposal on Board of Directors from Carnegie's Nomination Committee
24-10-2007 Interim Report January – September 2007
19-10-2007 Information regarding appeal of the Financial Supervisory Authority’s decision
10-10-2007 Interim report for Q3 will be released on 24 October
03-10-2007 CFO to leave Carnegie
02-10-2007 Carnegie requests to be released from the assignments for the Swedish government
28-09-2007 Statement from the Nomination Committee
28-09-2007 The Swedish Financial Services Authority has this morning announced its decision to issue Carnegie Investment Bank AB a warning.
12-09-2007 Carnegie's Nomination Committee appointed
31-08-2007 Carnegie sells all shares in Capital C AB
27-08-2007 Carnegie and Max Matthiessen move to new offices
23-08-2007 Statement from Extraordinary General Meeting
25-07-2007 New Head of Asset Management and Private Banking
23-07-2007 Notice to an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ) on Thursday 23 August 2007
18-07-2007 Interim report 1 January-30 June 2007
29-06-2007 Invitation to press conference
11-06-2007 Press release
24-05-2007 Investigation for revaluation of trading positions now complete – resulting in a total negative effect of SEK 227 million for Carnegie’s net profit. Carnegie reports the suspects to the police.
14-05-2007 Correction: Issue of new shares in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ)
11-05-2007 Issue of new shares in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ)
08-05-2007 Revaluation of trading positions causes a negative effect on Carnegie’ net profit of SEK 128 million
24-04-2007 Carnegie – January - March 2007
19-04-2007 Invitation to teleconference – Carnegie’s first quarter results
29-03-2007 Carnegie’s Annual General Meeting 2007
20-03-2007 Carnegie completes its acquisition of Max Matthiessen
23-02-2007 Notice - D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ
20-02-2007 Carnegie’s Board of Directors to propose share programme to the AGM
13-02-2007 Carnegie’s Extraordinary General Meeting approved the acquisition of Max Matthiessen
06-02-2007 Proposal for the election of Board members and auditors in D. Carnegie & Co AB
01-02-2007 Net profit 2006 of SEK 1,013 million (SEK 667 million)
26-01-2007 Invitation to teleconference – Carnegie’s year-end results
23-01-2007 Issue of new shares in D. Carnegie & Co AB (publ)
12-01-2007 Notice
12-01-2007 Carnegie förvärvar Max Matthiessen
12-01-2007 Carnegie acquires Max Matthiessen
12-01-2007 Carnegie – preliminary results and dividend proposal for the full year 2006
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