Carnegie Corporate Finance Alumni

Carnegie Corporate Finance Alumni - gathering of the one hundred, on 13th February 2014

Fellow Carnegieans!
The first ever gathering of the Carnegie Corporate Finance Alumni took place at the offices of Carnegie Sweden on Thursday 13th February 2014.

Of the almost 200 former and current corporate finance employees of the Stockholm office, some 100 of you attended!

After a few well-chosen words from master of ceremonies, Lars-Erik Sjöberg, we were treated to some entertaining stories of the past, plus a few (highly) personal observations, from master of irreverence, Per Sondén. Following which the formal part of the evening was rounded off, by popular acclaim, with a rousing chorus of Moscow Nights by our very own comrade Christer Janson.

Here are a few photos of the occasion. If you have any more which would like to share, kindly e-mail them to 

Until the next time …

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