How we work

We always start a new customer relationship with an in-depth conversation about your needs and expectations. What is the current situation for you and your family’s assets? When would you like to free up your assets? What are your priorities? Are there any special considerations for example regarding pension, tax etc.? And what should be the framework for our cooperation?

Do you wish to play an active role?
Maybe you wish to play an active role in the daily decisions about specific investments. Then you can use Carnegie Wealth Management as your financial partner and investment advisor. We monitor your portfolio and maintain an up to date dialogue with you about your options. However, you make the final decision.

Do you prefer that we manage your assets?
You can also choose to leave the responsibility of your asset management to Carnegie's professional managers and our team of experts. We have an in-depth knowledge of financial markets and extensive experience in analyzing markets movements. We know where, or in what way, your assets should be positioned to provide the best possible return within the framework that we have agreed.

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